Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tuesday's Dinner = Leftovers = Sunday's Dinner

  I have to start out by saying our children are 24 and 27 years old. We are empty nesters whose children are grown with their own families living in Florida. We are only two, unless you include our "Little Angel". (See all the pics below.)
  We still have not been able to cook anything (other than when we grill two steaks) that would not be a serving for 4 - 6 people or sometimes even more. So this is what we made and had for dinner on Tuesday this past week and are now having again tonight for dinner.
Shepherds Pie

  Well here again is that old adage "Fall is in the air, comfort food is on the menu". And we have been mulling over all of the different types of fall fare we want to start making. Michael is dying to make a big pot full of Chili. Coming soon. We settled on Shepherds Pie . And I have to say it was as good for the second time as it was the first. Hey, I am working on storing up my fat layers for winter ; ) HA! No seriously, tomorrow is a gym day, I'll work it off.
  However if it has been a while since you've made this one, it is time to make it again. Put your heart and soul into it and make a warm and tasty gravy to pour over your ground meat, I added some fresh thyme and oregano from my garden but use your imagination and add any type of seasonings you might like. If you're in a colder region add some heat to it with some ground chilies or cayenne. Go on, spice up your fall/winter repertoire with this very adaptable comfort food and you will be glad you did.
  Hope you all enjoy. We did. Twice.

Our Son Bradley and his Wife Shannon

Our Daughter Maeghan and her Husband Paul

Our Baby Angel-The Real Princess

Michael and Carla


  1. I know what you face cooking for one or two people. No matter how many times I try to divide a recipe, it never seems to work. Yet, I can multiply it by whatever number and it is totally ok... go figure!

    I love Shepherd's Pie (it always tastes better the next meal) and will definitely give your recipe a try. Great photographs of the family, also!

    1. What recipe GG? There's just a link to one.


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