Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday Breakfast For My Honey

Michael had been talking about (hinting) that he would love to have Sausage Gravy and Biscuits. I don't quite know what started him on this idea,if he saw them on TV or where it came from. He likes his breakfast but it is usually just bacon or sausage patties with sunny side up eggs and toast, he's a dipper and I like my egg right on top of my toast. Sausage Gravy is also known in the south as Sawmill Gravy .
In moving from Florida to NC a year ago I have had a hard time adjusting to the grocery stores up here. I really miss my Publix and Sweet Bay stores! In searching for "loose" ground sausage, I have had a had a hard time finding any. I have had to resort to buying links and removing the casings, really a pain and messy. Then I came across it by accident last week and you would have thought I found gold! The first thing I thought about was this recipe.

So my DH was so excited, his hinting had paid off this past Sunday morning when I started making the breakfast he had been talking about for weeks. I must say this is such a simple yet satisfying breakfast. Perfect on a cool fall morning. Add one fried egg on top and bliss.
Give it a try and you're sure to become a fan. Michael said he hasn't had this dish in years and that it was the best he has ever had. I used a mild Italian sausage but it is to your liking if you'd like to use plain, mild or hot sausage. And the biscuits are of your choice as well.
Michael and Carla

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  1. Now that is some good eating... Southern style! You are so right about the simpler things being satisfying and this is a great example.

    Can't wait to see "what's cooking" this weekend. Many thanks...


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