Friday, September 25, 2009

End of Summer's Fresh Local Produce

As I promised. Today I did have a "light" lunch. Well, sort of. Let me explain.

It all started out like this. I have one of my email accounts set up to receive only emails from food recipe sites (Food Network, Martha Stewart, Food and Wine, etc...). So, a few weeks ago I received one from Martha Stewart Living with recipes for about 30 different types of cold soups for summer. Well wouldn't you know I must have saved about half of them to try in the near future. Then I started looking around the web and found this one from Emeril Lagasse Cold Cucmber Soup which is not to say that I didn't want to make one of Martha Stewarts its just that the ones for her cucmber soups all had avocado added to the mix, which didn't hit my fancy at the time. So, I headed out to our local farmers market and picked up some of the most beautiful locally grown North Carolina cucmbers I'd seen.

I did use only one of the two required jalapeno peppers. Don't get me wrong I like heat in some foods in moderation like in a cold soup, and I like more heat in somethings like Buffalo Hot Wings or certain types of ethnic recipes when called for. My hubby likes firehouse hot, for him the hotter the better. I guess I am a wimp. Oh well. Anyway, he is not a "cold" soup fan. In fact he's not really much of a soup or stew fan hence the "meat and potatoes" kind a guy thing.
Well I made the soup and took half over to my mother who was sceptical about a "cold' soup. She loved it as I did. In cutting the jalapeno down to only one she agreed with me that it had just the right amount of "bite" to it. All in all it was light, delicious and on the healthy side. However I am certain it was not so light on the caloric side of the food groups. =)
Michael and Carla

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