Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Know, I Know...

I know, I said in my last post (almost 2 months ago) that I thought I was getting the hang of this. However we have had a lot of things going on, 1) Dad went into the hospital and his healing didn't go very well in the beginning, he is doing just fine now. 2) Our computer had to go to the "Computer Trauma Center" who fixed it and then it caught a VIRUS that killed it so we had a brand new HP Computer sent to the house. Hubby has finally restored all of my settings and we now have a few "new" programs that we are getting used to; Picasa 3 being one of them, so computer is doing just fine now. And 3) We went on a weeks vacation to Ocala, Florida, yay! So... I am finally back up and running.

In any case I just thought I would share one of my new favorite breakfasts with you. I ran into this recipe for Poached Eggs Caprese on and have been making it frequently as our tomato plants have and still are giving us plenty of tomatoes this season. I do use a store bought pesto mix as we have only 1 large parsley plant (container gardeners) and can't fathom chopping it up for pesto,:o since we use it almost everyday. However this recipe is luxurious and if you have never tried it I recommend that you do so soon. It just might become one of your favorite breakfasts too. Especially since we have the Fall/Autumn season upon us.
Hope everyone is starting to cool down from the heat. I know we are here in N.C. and we are certainly enjoying the cooler evenings.
Michael and Carla

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  1. So glad you had a nice vacation in Ocala. Gorgeous horse country there. It's so frustrating to have computer problems. Makes you want to stick your head in the sand sometimes.


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