Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Used to This

I think I am finally getting set up in order to be able to post on a more regular basis. I will keep on learning and finding new programs to facillitate the ease of putting up my posts. I have noticed that there is a difference in 'Watermarking" a photo and just putting a "signature" on it. I am currently looking into finding a program for watermarking that is easy to use. I am also curious to find out more info on copywright for bloggers.

In the meantime here is one of our favorite "go to" quick and easy dinners. Prepare potatoes (easy if you have a mandoline) and toss into oven and let them bake while you read a few chapters of a good book or like me, peruse a few good food bloggers newest posts : ) !

These are my all time favorite potatoes. Creamy Potatoes Au Gratin. I figure if I am going to have these, I am not about to make them with fat free ingredients. They always turn out rich and creamy. The BBQ Chicken Breasts were nothing more than the hubs doctoring up a bottle of "Sweet Baby Rays" with a splash of bourbon for added flavor. Add a can of Bush's Grillin Beans and you are all set. Turned out to be very satisfying. Just what we were looking to achieve, quick and delicious.


  1. I'm totally addicted to Potatoes Au Gratin so you've got me hooked. A little bourbon in BBQ sauce makes anything better.

  2. This is my kind of cooking... simple, yet all the hallmarks of gourmet home dining. Great blog – glad I stumbled upon it!


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