Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lentil Salad...Not So Much a Recipe as a Method

  Its IHCC's Mark Bittman Challenge time again. This weeks subject is Pantry Raid. To clean out all those little bits of items left in your pantry. So head on over to I Heart Cooking Clubs to see how well everyone did this week.
  I chose Lentil Salad from Mark's Blog Bitten. He seems to love a particular lentil salad he had in Paris and was trying to re-create it here. It is more of a method than a recipe, as you can add or omit whatever you have or don't have on hand. And might I just tell you it was scrumptious! I have never made a salad with my lentils, only the old stand-by, Lentil Soup. Well since spring is here and summer is right around the corner, I will be eating quite a few lentil salads after trying this one. Oh yes, I did eat the entire plate full, as Michael is out of town for the week. Anyway, I am going off the beaten path here.
  I have three differnt types of lentils (Michael is not such a fan), black, green and red. So I chose the green to use for this as suggested.

My little bits of this and that. An almost empty dijon mustard, a few sorry little garlic cloves, an almost wilted green onion, a feww slices of a red onion, a half of a tomato, and my green lentils. Only the bacon is newly opened.

So firstly add a little splash of olive oil to your sauce pan and add your chopped bacon. Saute until crisp tender.

Nextly, add some shredded carrot, garlic, onions, and diced tomato bits. Saute until vegetables begin to wilt and become tender.

Finally add your lentils and cover with water.

Simmer until lentils are tender adding as little water as possible if needed. You want the water to cook off by the end.

I will definately be experimenting with lentils this summer.

PS - The chicken breast was a leftover in the fridge from a three pack that I had two of the night before Michael left. So, I think I did good! (If I do say so myself)
PSS - I almost forgot to mention. See the Feta cheese? I was so excited to try my first lentil salad that I forgot to put some in at the end. Fear not though, as I had a cup of the salad left and can you guess what's for lunch? Yes, Lentil Salad with Feta!


Mark Bittman's Lentil Salad

A scrumptious but simplified lentil salad.

See Mark Bittman's Lentil Salad on Key Ingredient.

Mark Bittman's Lentil Salad on Foodista

Michael and Carla


  1. You really cleaned house with this recipe! Don't you love it when you can take odds and ends from here and there and create a delicious meal? This salad looks amazing and like you, I have grown to love lentils. I think I underestimated them for too long. Excellent recipe to share for this week's pantry theme.

  2. This is a very healthy and delicious recipe!
    Thank you for the tips!

  3. This is a lovely recipe, Carla. Lentils are so inexpensive and nourishing that this salad is bound to be a hit. Don't you love Mark Bittman?
    I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I need to clean my pantry out too...Very healthy dish you created...I'll try it.

  5. I always have lentils in my pantry--they are so good, filling and versatile. This salad looks delicious--a great pantry raid pick! ;-)

  6. What a wonderful clean up recipe!!!!!I love lentils and this looks amazing.

  7. Carla, that lentil salad sounds great and what a good clean out of the pantry shelves you had. I love lentils in a salad with roasted beetroot and feta. I love that slightly earthy taste of lentils.

  8. I wish I could get the boys to eat Lentils, they look so tasty.

  9. I use lentils a lot! They are a great way to get in your fiber because they are loaded with it. I have never had a lentil salad before though. This will be something I have to try!

  10. Lentil with feta sounds delicious! What a great salad.

  11. Thank you all for visiting and for your wonderful comments.


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