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Seared Ahi Tuna - A Hop's Restaurant Favorite

   I would have to say that I have never been to a restaurant where I liked so many of their dishes.  Walker's Wood Shrimp, Jamaican Brewmaster Chicken or Steak, Pork Chops Marsala, Thai Chicken Salad and this Seared Ahi Tuna are but a few of our favorites. Check out Hop's Menu's and Hops Online for more information and inspiration.
  When Michael worked at Hop's years ago, I would go in for lunch or dinner often and he would spoil me.  He is often requested by me to reproduce at home, many of the dishes from the various restaurants he has worked at over the years.
  This is a favorite of ours, blackened, seasoned and seared ahi tuna topped with szechuan sauce. It is very quick and simple, served on top of an asian style cole slaw, accompanied by wasabi sauce, pickled ginger and a soy dipping sauce. You only need make certain that you use a ahi/sushi grade tuna as explained here by  Beyond Salmon  , with her permission.
Spray tuna with non stick cooking spray and then coat with blackening spice.
In very hot cast iron skillet or grill pan,
sear tuna on both sides. This should
only take about 2 minutes.

Drizzle with szechuan sauce.

The tuna should still be pink in the middle.
This is not a fish that you want cooked
well done.


Tuna Steaks
2  8 ounce ahi tuna steaks
non stick cooking spray, preferred Pam with Canola
blackening spice to coat
szechuan sauce for topping

Asian Cole Slaw
bagged cole slaw mix
sesame ginger dressing, preferred Paul Newman's

Wasabi Cream Sauce
1 tablespoon wasabi powder
1 tablespoon water
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup mayonnaise

Soy Dipping Sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
2 teaspoons hot chili sauce, preferred Sriracha
2 scallions, minced

pickled ginger
wasabi cream sauce
soy dipping sauce


Tuna Steaks
Lightly coat tuna with a non stick cooking spray. Sprinkle (dust) blackening spice over both sides of tuna. Heat an iron skillet (preferred) or a grill pan over high heat. When smoking hot, sear tuna on first side until you can see the bottom starting to turn white. Flip and repeat on the other side, cooking approximately 2 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of steaks. Remove from skillet to cutting board and drizzle with szechuan sauce. Slice into thin strips.

Cole Slaw
In a large bowl, mix bagged cole slaw mix with a drizzle of sesame ginger dressing. Toss to coat.

Wasabi Cream Sauce
Stir wasabi powder and water together. Let sit for a minute for powder to absorb water and turn to a paste.  In a small bowl stir sour cream, mayonnaise and wasabi paste together to combine.

Soy Dipping Sauce
In a small bowl combine all ingredients together.

Serve with sliced pickled ginger, wasabi cream sauce and soy dipping sauce.
Serves 2.

Note: Cole slaw, wasabi cream sauce and soy dipping sauce should all be made before starting the tuna. Keep cole slaw and wasabi cream sauce in refrigerator. Soy dipping sauce can sit at room temperature.

This dish is very light. We added a bit of Kim Chee on the side as well. I could have this every other day for lunch if Michael would be so obliged. I don't think I could persuade him though.

Seared Ahi Tuna - A Hop's Restaurant Favorite

Delicate, melt in your mouth flavor. This tuna is delectable ...

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Michael and Carla


  1. The ahi and all the components sound wonderful. You are definitely lucky to have a man who cooks so well:D
    I was trying to comment on your corned beef dinner, posted earlier, but blogger isn't cooperating. Not sure what's going on with that. So glad that the extra spice did the trick for your corned beef though!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments. I hope you do enjoy the artichoke gratinata.

  2. This really sounds wonderful. With all the sauces and the slaw...I think I could lick the plate clean!

  3. Wow you cooked the tuna perfectly! The wasabi cream sauce looks yummy!

  4. Oh seared tuna is the best! Looks delicious!

  5. Perfectly cooked tuna. Thanks for suggestions on sauces.

  6. That tuna looks perfect!Delicious :)

  7. The tuna looks perfect! Great idea for a dinner party.

  8. Seared tuna looks excellent! I love the wasabi cream sauce!

  9. Love tuna...especially the way you have prepared it!

  10. Thank you everyone for your kindness.

  11. Carla,
    This is something I would love to try, the tuna and the wasabi cream sauce look like meltly good eating.

    Bon appetit!


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