Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall; Our favorite season...

 Since moving to North Carolina yes, fall is now our favorite season. When in Florida it has to be the summer on the beaches. Though for the past week our overnight temps have been in the high 30's. I'm afraid winter will be upon us before we can truly enjoy the fall scenery.
  So we just had to share some of the beautiful fall foilage here in N.C. These are the views we are enjoying right outside our front door right now. Absolutely breathtaking!

We'll leave you with these visions for now and will be back all too soon with fall themed recipes to fill your belly full of warmth.
Michael and Carla

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  1. Carla… There is a song that goes something like this: “Nothing could be finer, than to be in Carolina in the morning.” I think fall is another time. when the foliage is exploding in vibrant colors. Hope you & Michael are able to get over to the mountains while it’s all changing. Great pictures!


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